A prepper and the basic things

As a prepper, the following are things which are must know to be able to have an easy life when you find yourself in a survival situation:
Building a situation
To search for a shelter could be one of the first tasks in accomplishing when you get lost in the wilderness, but a safe place in keeping out the elements might be hard to get. Put into gear your childhood skills of fort-building to practice and good use constructing a shelter which is makeshift in your backyard.
Depending on the type of terrain, season and environment, there are various options for shelter and you can be able to build. You can start with a basic tarp tent or learn-to tent and then go further to build up your skills until you become comfortable to lash together long branches, coming up with teepee. If you happen to live in an area which has snows for heavy winter, you can take advantage of the cold weather in practicing to dig a snow cave shelter.
Basic first aid
When you are out in the wilderness, it might be very hard for emergency services to reach you in case you happen to be injured or sick. To understand and be able to know how to administer the first aid might save your life and that of someone whom you love.
Grab a partner, a friend, or a member of the family and try practicing how to administer first aid for various threats which are common in survival situations. They include controlling bleeding, basic CPR procedure, stabilizing limbs, treating burns, and finding the plants for soothing for abrasion and insect stings.
Trapping and fishing
To set a snare to catch the small games and the survival fishing is a skill that is quite essential, allowing you to get sources that are valuable with little expenditure of energy.