The Swedish string shelf (stringhylla), a miracle of domestic organization

If Scandinavians possess Some thing, it’s their craftsmanship that is precious. This type of style has become the fad in pragmatic and minimalist décor in the past several years. The simplicity and beauty of all these furniture attract the interest of a lot of people. Anyone who is quick on space and wishes to prepare their things economically should think about this type of furnishings.

An Case of that is That the string shelf (string hylla) therefore elastic you may put in it everywhere in the house without breaking the ribbon’s stability. It might be a bathroom shelf like a gorgeous library at the study. If you opt to place it from the kitchenit fits very well to set all of the condiment jars along with anything else.

Grow your library. With the string bookshelf (string bokhylla)model
If you are just one of Those who wants a specific location for their large selection of novels, this model is great for you personally. It is basic but beautiful, very easy to install it wont take a couple of minutes. Besides, it is possible to enlarge it into infinity by obtaining greater shelves. Its integration style gives you the ability to put in several string bookshelf (string bokhylla)shelves since you like, plus they’ll always be seemingly just one piece of furnishings.

Created Using watertight Materials and dealt with at a way that highlights its own beauty, the bokhylla version is ideal for offices, home studios, and a number of different surroundings. It’s a perfect planner for small distances also it has enough immunity to resist heavy novels.

It’s Possible for you to set up them At the form of the string shelves (stringhyllor)

In the Event You’ve just moved In and possess few products, you may only need one shelf. Its measurements are adequate to store about fifteen novels. Its height is fifty centimeters, and each of the panels is sixty centimeters extended. Broad enough to hold novels as well as different goods and compact enough to install on your rest room.

But when you Will Need to Expand its dimensions, you only ought to obtain the Väggavel or wall sockets, which are additional pieces that will enable one to install all the extra panels you want. You could even buy still another bokhylla shelf and then put in it next to the past 1. Their version is also indeed versatile that they will look just like one piece.