What is bulk image downloader?

buik image downloader or simply known as BID is the simplest way of using a tool which is powerful for image downloading for Windows PCs. Other than having to download all the images on the web page, it can be able to locate and go ahead and download full image size from all the website gallery which are in thumbnail form.
A website gallery which is thumbnail is a page on the web which contains images which are small sized – thumbnail, which each link has to images of full sized or to secondary pages which contain the images which are full sized.
To be in a position to download all the images, there will be a need to click on each of the link of the thumbnail then the full sized image is right clicked and you will have to click on each and then select the image of save as which might be hard and at the same time, consume a lot of your time.
The bulk image downloader makes the full sized image downloading from such galleries to be done in an easy and quick manner. The bulk image downloader does download automatically from whatever site that you might be even if the images happens to be hosted on sites which host free images like imagefap, imagevenue, or flickr. It is quite smart in handling majority of the sites without having any set up which are complicated or project files which are required for it to work. It just works automatically.
Bulk image downloader is not only for images as it can as well download the thumb nailed video files from the pages which contain video files links directly such as MPV, MPEG, WMV, AVI and MP4. You are sorted with various file downloads on the website when it comes to the BID.